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It’s in your best interest to take advantage of your recommended physical exam — an effective diagnostic and preventive care method that can reveal valuable information about your current health. The team of health care providers of the prestigious Macomb Medical Clinic in Sterling Heights, Michigan offers physicals to evaluate and address your individual medical concerns and boost your wellness. Be driven and proactive to take your health care into your own hands. If you’re due for your physical, call Macomb Medical Clinic or schedule here on the web.

Annual Wellness Exams

What is a physical?

Physicals are a key part of your general preventive care checkup that can also be used to evaluate certain medical concerns. Physicals can be referred to as wellness visits and are focused on evaluating and improving your wellness.

The Macomb Medical specialists recommend annual physicals that involve reviewing your personal and family medical histories, an in-depth discussion about your health, a physical assessment, and plenty of time for you to ask any questions and address any concerns you might have.

Certain additional blood work and testing might be recommended depending on your age and your current state of health. Macomb Medical Clinic provides a convenient in-office lab and pharmacy for these needs.

Why do I need a physical?

Your provider might recommend a physical to:

  • Look for possible diseases
  • Update any necessary vaccinations
  • Detect concerns that might develop into health complications in the future

Physicals also help the Macomb Medical Clinic providers to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle with balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and stress management.

You may also need a physical exam before a surgery or prior to treatment for a medical condition.

How can I prepare for my physical?

By preparing for your physical, it allows you to make the most out of your time with the Macomb Medical Clinic team. You should bring information or paperwork to demonstrate:

  • Your current list of medications
  • A list of your symptoms or pain
  • Any relevant recent test results
  • Your medical and surgical history
  • The contact information and names of other doctors you’ve seen recently

Be sure to dress accordingly in comfortable clothing and avoid excess jewelry or makeup that might interfere with your physical.

What does a physical involve?

Your physical usually starts with a discussion of your health and a quick assessment of your weight, height, and pulse, along with a brief inspection of your body to look for any unusual marks or growths.

Your Macomb Medical Clinic provider might evaluate your abdomen and other areas of your body to check the consistency, location, texture, size, and tenderness of your organs. Your provider might also utilize a technique called percussion — gently tapping on your body like a drum to assess organs and discover fluids.

Using a special instrument called a stethoscope, your provider listens to certain body parts and evaluates how well they function, such as your lungs, heart, and intestines.

Testing for blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and other key factors might also be recommended to unveil a clear picture of your current overall health.

The Macomb Medical Clinic providers have extensive experience performing physicals and various helpful testing methods. Don’t miss out on this important preventive care measure and call Macomb Medical Clinic or simply schedule online today.