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Weight Management Programs in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Arthur S. Lieberman, D.O.

Arthur S. Lieberman, D.O. (Family Practice)

Dr. Lieberman has been practicing family medicine for over 45 years. As the president/owner of Macomb Medical Clinic, P.C., he has become well established in this community and has spent many years serving several generations of families. Dr. Lieberman graduated with honors from the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, and served his Internship at Ziegar Botsford Hospital in Farmington, Michigan. Dr. Lieberman joined Dr. Podolsky as partners and started this practice in 1966, while working as an ER Physician at Avon Hospital. As the director and lead physician with our medical weight loss program, Dr. Lieberman educates his patient's through his own example of living healthy by diet and exercise. With many years of experience in the field of family practice and the changes in today's medicine, Dr. Lieberman makes patient care his priority.

End the Cycle

Do you struggle with your weight? At times, this battle may seem insurmountable, but there is hope. With professional medical assistance, you will learn more about the specific needs of your body and use that information to improve your health. Get the treatment you need to boost your confidence, raise your energy and increase your happiness.

How We Help

Personalized Plans

The most advantageous reason to get professional weight management is the ability to personalize your program to your needs. We base all of our treatments on several factors, including family history, disorders and diet.


To ensure that we can manage your weight, we have to understand the fundamental needs of your body. Our team will perform examinations and screenings to check for diseases or disorders that may have caused or resulted from your increased weight.


Your doctor may determine that medication can help manage your weight. This is a far more effective process than taking over-the-counter pills. With full knowledge of your specific needs, our specialists will prescribe treatments that will work best for your body.

Dietary Advice

Diets often fail because they rarely produce the instant results that people desire. Instead of staying in a never-ending cycle, we offer dietary plans that are specifically designed to provide optimal nutrition on a daily basis.

Make a Change

Get started on getting your weight under control. Our team at Macomb Medical Clinic, P.C. will help you through every step of this process. Call us today to start your journey to getting a healthy body.