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5 Benefits of Physician-Supervised Weight-Loss Plans

Physician-Supervised Weight-Loss Plans
When you're overweight, the battle to lose weight can feel like a constant, uphill struggle. Many patients bounce from diet to diet without ever truly achieving the results they desire.
Thankfully, there is a better approach. Physician-supervised weight-loss programs provide overweight patients with a safe, effective means of losing weight. Here are five key benefits of enrolling in such a program rather than continuing to pursue weight loss on your own.

1. Your Doctor Can Treat Underlying Conditions Associated With Your Weight
Many, though not all, overweight individuals have an underlying health condition that contributes to their weight or makes it harder for them to lose weight. Hypothyroidism, for example, is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough metabolism-regulating hormones. Weight gain is a key symptom. Depression can also contribute to obesity, as it causes many patients to overeat.

When an underlying health condition is associated with your weight, you will struggle to lose weight if you do not first treat that condition. Your doctor can screen you for weight-related conditions before you begin your weight-loss program and make sure those conditions are being treated properly, which will make losing weight easier.

2. Your Doctor Will Monitor You for Side Effects Along the Way
Especially if you do have an underlying condition contributing to your weight, you may experience some bothersome side effects throughout your weight-loss journey. Some patients experience fatigue, hair loss, and irritability throughout their weight-loss journey.

Your doctor can determine whether any side effects are cause for concern and make recommendations to help you manage them. Patients who pursue weight loss on their own, on the other hand, often give up when they encounter worrisome side effects.

3. Your Doctor May Prescribe Medications to Assist With Weight Loss
There are over-the-counter weight-loss medications, but many do not work as well as they promise, and others can cause serious side effects. When you work with a physician to lose weight, he or she may prescribe certain weight-loss medications if they are needed. 

Your doctor will make sure the medications prescribed are safe for you. He or she will also monitor you for side effects to ensure the medications are not doing more harm than good.

4. Your Doctor Will Prescribe Real, Non-Fad Weight-Loss Methods
Patients who endeavor to lose weight on their own may be easily pulled into fad diet and exercise routines that don't really work and do not have a valid, scientific basis. It can be tough to tell the difference between a fad diet and a science-backed one.

When you work with a physician, he or she will do the research for you and will recommend only effective, science-backed weight-loss advice. Remember, your doctor is a more reliable source of information than your Pinterest feed.

5. Your Doctor Can Prescribe a Customized Weight-Loss Plan
What worked well for a friend may not work for you. Everyone has different underlying health conditions, metabolic rates, lifestyle habits, and fat storage patterns that affect their ability to lose weight. Your doctor will take all of these factors into account and devise a weight-loss protocol that's more likely to work for you. Working with your doctor is a faster, safer approach than experimenting with diet after diet on your own, hoping to find one that works.

If you wish to lose a considerable amount of weight, embarking on a physician-supervised weight-loss plan is the best approach. Contact Macomb Medical Clinic PC to learn more about our weight management programs in the Sterling Heights area. Weight management is one of our specialties, and we make patients our priority with customized, effective plans.